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For Opel Super Six Entusiasts but also for others interested in old cars and how to repair veteran cars. The purpose of this homepage is to share information and experience with other lovers of veteran cars. I hope that the interested restorers will send their experience, so that it van be included in this homepage.
Repair of leaking Knee Action lever. The repair can be done without removing the brake and without the use of special tools. See how.

The Zeppelin is the old Opel Logo. To see a bouncing Logo: click the Logo.
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Does somebody know the correct specification for the "GM Knee Action Lubricant"? I use Q8 Auto 15 Automatic transmission oil.
I use RAL 5011 as color (dark blue), but believe the original color was light green. According Alt-Opel Club above, Cars assembled in Denmark did nor follow a color scheme. Customers could have their cars painted the color they wanted!!
The spark plug was originally specified as W145 T1. This corresponds to Bosch W8AC

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